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The Spa

Relaxing moment in a spa with a pleasant atmosphere in Grenoble

Open every day, even on week-ends from 12.00 to 9.00pm.
In a warm atmosphere, our 250m2 SPA fits into today’s trend for the fans of relaxation and leisure, with or without massage : for all the ones keen on having time for themselves, away from every day tensions.
Presentation and Information about the SPA.

Presentation and Information about the SPA.

Open every day, even on week-ends from 12.00 am to 9.00 pm. 



guest of the hotel : 10 € per personn per hour

non resident of the hotel : 31 € for 2 hours

In a warm atmosphere, our 250m2 SPA fits into today’s trend for the fans of relaxation and leisure, with or without massage : for all the ones keen on having time for themselves, away from every day tensions.

The SPA is organized around the five Feng Shui elements (water, fire, metal, wood, rock), we have added music too. You will enter in a world where stress has disappeared, few minutes away from Grenoble.

Schedule two hours to gain for your body and soul as much profit as possible…  

The SPA is available for couple, and is limited to 12 people together. In order to preserve everyone calm and rest, groups of more than 5 people are not allowed.

Be aware that 

It is not possible to book the SPA entirely and we don’t accept hen’s parties anymore. 
The access to the SPA doesn’t mean an access to the outside pool : it is exclusively available to the hotel’s customers. 
Mandatory booking ahead  
The access to the SPA is forbidden to the children under 16.  
For men, approved swimwear are swimming trunks, boxer shorts but shorts are forbidden.

PS : we do sell swimming trunks at the reception desk if ever needed (18€).

The herbal tea corner

The herbal tea corner

Book at +33 (0)4 76 25 34 58



In order to rehydrate after the Hammam or the Sauna, or to relax after a massage, you could help yourself with an herbal tea, free of charge.

Timeless ritual of a SPA session, herbal tea is an essential element of cozyness to your rest, while providing you the benefits of plants.    

Get yourself comfortable on a rest bed, choose the music you feel like, sip delicately a hot herbal tea and let your eyes get lost in the water through the fireplace.

Seize the moment to forget completely your stress and reload your batteries.

Swim SPA and hot tub

Swim SPA and hot tub

Book at +33 (0)4 76 25 34 58



Beware : it is not a swimming pool !

From the Latin Sanita Per Aqua (water care or hydrotherapy), a SPA is conceived around water. Our 4.30m pool, in small Briare enamel tiles, from Clairazur, is usable in two areas :     
 - Counterflow area to swim or to exercise your thighs muscles while walking in the countercurrent.      
 - A hot tub area, with bubbling water at 36°c which will provide you a pleasant sensation of relaxation, warmed by the sun shines through the window ceiling, or under the starry sky, admiring the fire in the fireplace.   
A perfect hydrotherapy session should last 20 minutes. A shorter cycle doesn’t bring the same benefit or the same effectiveness. A longer one can provoke the opposite effects cancelling everyone of the benefits acquired during the 20 first minutes.     
This area is essential to your stay in the SPA, because hydrotherapy, by mixing the hotness of the water, the buoyancy (the body weight is 90% reduced) and the water jets massages deliver known benefits since Ancient times :   
Fight the stress, obesity, backaches, heavy legs, muscle fatigue   
Activate blood circulation and help falling asleep    

There isn’t any negative effect to endure, no medical contraindication to fear

How to explain those benefits ?

First of all the water temperature : hot water, which ideal temperature should be between 35° and 37°c, allowing the body to feel good, without any move and to help the benefit of the massage. Blood circulates better and the body is relaxed, multiplying therefore the SPA impacts.   
Then the whirlwinds : the water agitation is playful and positive for body and mind. See, hear and feel the water moves is a source of relaxation.   
The water massage acts promptly and deeply on a precise area through a hydro massage nozzle.       The bubbles whirlwind tend to give the feeling to float on a cloud. The air injectors are in charge of spreading air bubbles to the pool water surface. Those tiny nozzles provide a relaxing massage to the body, carried by millions of bubbles for an amazing aerial sensation.

The Sauna

The Sauna

Book at +33 (0)4 76 25 34 58



The sauna is composed of a wooden room with a stove heating porous rocks. The wooden walls accumulate an important heat, which they return as radiation. Air is very dry and very hot (between 80° and 100°), unlike the Hammam where air is less dry (45° to 50°) but very damp (100% hydrometry).

Using a sauna is a Scandinavian practice. This 200 years old tradition, has to be performed regularly to get any benefit : by activating the skin sudation, it eliminates our toxins’ body, calms the nerves, drives out the stress, relieves the muscles tensions, encourages the blood circulation, and makes your skin softer. It is highly recommended after a sport session, or regularly at the end of the day or between 12.00 and 14.00.

Considering the heat, the SPA is not advised to pregnant women, to children or to people affected by cardiovascular disease, by circulatory disorders, by rosacea, by varicose veins, by respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, flu, tuberculosis). It is also highly recommended not to get in a sauna after having been consuming alcohol, drugs or hypertension medicine.

 Just one piece of advice : remove your jewels and your glasses which might burn you. If ever you dye your hair, ask your hairdresser about the colour resistance. Some hair colouring don’t resist to the Sauna.

The high Sauna heat can turn out to be rather oppressive during the first sessions. In order to get used to it, you should sit on the lower bench, the upper ones being the hottest. Sit on your towel, legs fold or extended, the feet on the same level as the buttocks. Then, there won’t be any body cooling and the sudation will intervene quickly.

Before the first go, get a hot shower which will relax you and warm you up. Dry you up but not too much in order to avoid a thermal shock when entering the sauna. This first go should not last less than 8 minutes and more than 15 minutes. Throw water on the heated rocks (not more than 3 ladles at a time). As soon as sweat runs on your skin you can leave. If ever your body was not sweating, do not insist, leave and start again.       After this first heat session, get another shower, this time cool or cold if you can. The experts call it the Gods’ blessing. Dry up and lay down. Have a rest for 15 minutes to allow your body to evacuate the stored calories. Start all over again : hot shower before entering the sauna, 15 minutes inside. An hourglass fixed in the sauna will indicate the time course. Enjoy a last time the ritual : having a cold shower, drying, resting, hot shower, drying and sauna…       
The sauna experience should be limited to a quick go in the steam cabin, on the contrary, it requires three goes of about 12 to 15 minutes maximum. The last rest session should be longer, about 20 minutes after the last shower. Then, end up this ritual by a hot bath of about 10 minutes. 
After the sauna, it is recommended to drink and eat savory food to correct the sweat loss.      
In order to allow the body to keep a 37°C temperature, the brain will activate a psychological reaction to heat called thermolysis. It will act as a thermostat and will modulate the body temperature in order to keep a constant acceptable heat. Then the sweat glands will produce water. The water loss can reach one liter an hour, and the body temperature can get up to 40°C. You have to drink a lot in between the goes to the steam cabin to compensate the water loss.      

Finally, it is session by session the one will master the art of sauna and the body will adjust its reactions. 
Sweating appears quicker and quicker and its abundance spread out over the entire body, allows longer stays in the cabin. It (faute en French il) it is essential to know the reasons why one decides to have a sauna session. 
Just a try ? To feel better ? To get relaxed ? to fight the muscle tiredness ? Anyhow, these motivations linked to age and to the people vitality allow to better define the sessions modalities.     

The general rule, often told, is to consider the sauna as a retreat of peace where everyday problems are left at the door.     
You can enjoy the sauna’s benefits twice or three times a week.

The Hammam

The Hammam

Book at +33 (0)4 76 25 34 58


The Chateau de la Commanderie Hammam is an Emaux de Briare tiled room, heated by steam between 45° and 50°, lighted by fiber optic for chromotherapy, and flavored by Eucalyptus mint essentials oils which opens the sinus, the bronchial tubes and cleans the inner body.

Inheritance from the Antic civilizations (Egyptian, Greek, Roman) and Turkish, the Hammam or “steam bath” is one of the best things you could give your body. Bathed in an 100% hygrometry atmosphere, the steam acts towards the skin in order to make it more beautiful and softer. But it also acts on the sinus, it heals the muscular pains, soreness and enables sleep.         

Very pleasant after a sport session, the hammam is also perfect to de-stress : the hot and healing haze of stream surrenders you and bring you peace. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and you will feel the tensions dissolve.        
the Hammam is not advised to pregnant women, to people affected by cardiovascular disease, by asthma , by respiratory diseases or phlebitis.

Before getting in the Hammam, start by having a shower. It will become your access ritual to relaxation and will initiate your body to this water universe. Then, open the door and let yourself surprised by the heat intensity.      Sit down or lay down and take your time.         
After few minutes of rest, the muscular relaxation sensation is truly perceptible. The goal of the Hammam is not to sweat but to relax and to clean the skin. Under the hot steam, the softened body falls in a warm lethargy. To avoid falling asleep, get out every 10 to 15 minutes and cool up under a cold shower.

This process should be conducted several times to allow your pores to open up, to clean up from the impurities and through the col shower to tighten them up.

Then, you will be able to end up your session by a hot bath in the hot tub, if ever you feel like getting more relaxed or by a cool shower and you will feel completely energized.

A relevant session in the Hammam should last at least 1 hour and a half…

The Hammam leads to relaxation. It is an excellent way to clear one’s mind and to forget gradually the worries of the day. It is hot but this damp heat is easily bearable. There, it is perfect to rediscover quietness, to listen to oneself, to let live.

Unlike the sauna and massage which act on the body elements and on the muscles, the Hammam doesn’t require resting. You can get back to a normal activity following your session. Just one imperative : drink a lot of water, during and after the session. Your body sweated a lot, it needs rehydration.

Our massages

Our massages

Only on booking.
All our massages are at the rate of 100.00  €  for 1 hour and including the use of the SPA for 1 hour after the massage.

Californian Massage     
60 minutes + 1h SPA

The Californian massage has one main target : relaxation. To do so, the Californian massage tries to reconcile the patient with his body. The patient has a better ability to detect the sleepy areas but also to capture the feelings hidden behind every physical tension.



Feet, legs and back massage      
60 minutes + 1 hour SPA

This massage prevents and heals numerous harms : migraine, tension, constipation, sinusitis, asthma…it increases drastically the blood and lymphatic circulations, which drains in particular the toxins and heals the heavy legs.


Ayurvedic Massage with sesame oil    
60 minutes + 1 hour SPA

This Ayurvedic massage is coming from the traditional Indian medicine. Global care, driven over the oiled body which relaxes, de-stresses and improves the blood and energy circulations.


Balinese Massage     
60 minutes + 1 hour SPA

From Bali, this dynamic muscle massage combines different Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Ayurvedic as well as Laotian techniques. Its practice takes part in two times : first tonic and powerful, aiming to stimulate the energetic points from our three systems : nervous, hormonal and digestive. And then, a relaxing time.


Foot reflexology      
60 minutes + 1 hour SPA

It is a soft massage of the feet realized with the fingers by pression on the reflex areas of the foot. Every area is linked to a part of the body, to an organ. Considered as an alternative medicine, foot reflexology allows to locate the body tensions as well as other dysfunctions and then to make them disappear. 


Kobido Massage    
60 minutes + 1h SPA

Facial massage technic from Japan, intervening on the meridians as well as the acupuncture points. It enables to rebalance the circulation of the face energy and the neck. This good energy distribution is contributing to the youth of the skin. True naturel lifting, the fac is cleaned, hydrated, energized thanks to the meridians stimulation 



Our team

Our team

In order to bring you the best service, we have selected for you independent, certified experienced masseurs. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions, they like what they do and will happily answer any question about the practice and the benefits of the massage.

Certified ARTEC(Paris) awakening of the body by touch. 
Californian, back massage, feet and legs, scrubbing, foot reflexology, Balinese, Chocolate, Ayurvedic, pregnant women, hot rocks. Françoise also performs Kobido Massages : face Japanese massage.

Certified from the Su Wen Centre
Ayurvedic, Thaï, Californian, feet Reflexology, Balinese

Certified from the NAKASIA centre (massages du monde)
Ayurvedic, Balinese, Californian – feet Reflexology – Chocolat – Kobido – hot rocks

Certified from the Academy professional School and other trainings : MYSPA - SUD FORMATION MASSAGE - BP
Californian, Back massage, feet and legs,  foot reflexology, Balinese,   Ayurvedic, pregnant women

californian -  Ayurvedic - Balinese, - foot reflexology, - Back massage, feet and legs,- face Japanese massage

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